What is the SpoofCard?

The SpoofCard by SpoofCard.com is the most unique calling card ever invented. Simply put, SpoofCard allows you to change your Caller ID number so it looks like your calling from any number you want. You can display your home number, office number, someone else's number, or any random telephone number on any telephone Caller ID display!

Because of the nature of the product, the SpoofCard turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to prank calls! But it's also great for business use when your out of the office or for when you need to record a call.

Did we mention that the SpoofCard features free call recording? You can choose which conversations you'd like to record and then play them back over the phone or download them from the web.

Did you know that the SpoofCard also features a voice-changer feature that allows you to mask your voice so you sound like a male or a female? The option is available with every call and is also completely free.

If your still not ready to purchase the SpoofCard, you can try a completely free sample call, where you can call anyone for free for two minutes and test the Caller ID spoofing feature! When your ready for the full experience, purchase a fully featured SpoofCard calling card, starting at just $10. Come see why the SpoofCard is recognized as the highest quality Caller ID spoofing and call recording service around the world.